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    manual multicam




      I have footage filmed from an airplane to multicam. I have 2 issues which make me wonder how to sync in CS6 (CC would make no difference I guess):


      - 3 cameras, each of which shot multiple clips not one.

      - The sound is useless to sync since it was so noisy, added to that one the cams had its microphone disabled.


      - Do I have to merge the footage of each cam into one long clip (painful) before trying to multicam the 3 cameras? Otherwise how to tell Premiere which family of clips are cam 1, 2, 3?

      - Can I manually set up a multicam sequence and sync the clips visually (since sound is useless), if so, how?




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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          The original way is still the best way, I think.


          1. Create a sequence and add your clips, one angle per video track.

          2. Sync them manually.

          3. Create a new sequence and nest the first into it.

          4. Right click and Enable Multicam.


          Works every time.

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            mausole37 Level 1

            Thanks but to clarify since I am fairly new to nesting:

            One nested sequence per camera, so 3 nested sequences ? Or 2 nested in the third?


            Many thanks

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              One sequence containing all the clips nested into a second sequence.

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                Level 4

                this is 3 alexa cameras in beginning... on process trailer...and 4 cameras on roof for last part...




                I did not use multicam, and used cs3 for the edit from dailies, which were slated shots ( common slate for all cameras .which means all cameras looked at the same slate at the same time , before 'action' was called )


                the jammed sound slate and cameras for timecode is what post used to make the dailies overnight ...sync sound ...


                sooo, i hope you benefit from this..

                what I did was put cam a, b, c, (etc ) onto a sequence...( each vid level was sep cameras based on what the cameras WERE... where they were located )

                I put ALL the takes on those levels...


                So now I could scrub through each camera separately... a, b, c etc.


                Now I threw out the junk right away.. cut and deleted what was totally useless from all cameras.


                THEN I started to " choose" which takes were GOOD...at least in part...and moved them UP another level of video...eg. make more video tracks and move the GOOD stuff UP ( use copy paste for this )


                So now I have ( in the case of 3 cameras for example) 3 vid levels for original junk...and 3 MORE above that for the GOOD takes.


                NOW I create another sequence ( maybe call it roughcut 1 ) and I move ALL the good takes to the new sequence called roughcut 1 .. I do NOT nest anything .. I just move all the good stuff to a new sequence, and maintain the cam a,b,c levels...


                so i know what the heck I am looking at...whether it is from cam a, b or c.


                Now all the JUNK is left behind....cause I edited out the junk..and now I'm working on the 2nd sequence.


                NOW, i have to tell a 'story' with the GOOD stuff... so I create a NEW sequence called 'roughcut 3 ' and I start scrubbing thru all the stuff on seq 2...and put the really GOOD stuff into seq 3... and get very exact about what I put into seq 3... and I do THAT by cutting , copying, and pasting .. I DO NOT use in out points and I do NOT take more than exactly what I want into seq 3..


                This way, I cannot drag OUT more than what I moved before.. I've already made my decision about the start and end of the clip I want...and only move THAT.


                This gets busy on your timeline cause you have to keep track of what you USED from previous clips and sequences. OTHERWISE you end up scrubbing through the same junk you already used. I handled THAT by moving cuts UP another vid level ...from the original levels...so I could see 'at a glance' what I already moved ( copy pasted and chose as good stuff ).


                Using multicamera is IMO really stupid and lazy.  Depends how much control you want and need...obviously... so it may not be stupid for YOU.


                When you get into transitions ( in your last sequence, doing it my way ) there is never extra frames, weird junk going on from the in out points... cause you never had that there after your first edit of junk..

                AND you can't screw up and accidentally drag footage in your final sequences .. and screw up the whole timeline...due to some kinda mouse problem.. ( like your hand and mouse made a mistake ).


                good luck !  if you didnt common slate stuff youre on your own in stupid multicam land...