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    Trouble printing booklet to PDF


      I'm using InDesign CS6 on Mac OS 10.6.8. I'm new to Id so any help would be appreciated.


      I've created a 20 page booklet (2-up Saddle Stitch; letter-Half V), and when I choose File/Print Booklet, it looks correct in the preview pane, but no matter how I tweak the printer settings the PDF doesn't come out with the proper spread orientation.  Instead, it's forced onto a single page, portrait view and, of course, half of the right side of the spread is chopped off. The pages are properly imposed, but just turned the wrong way. 


      Because the PDF print option doesn't show up on the printer list, I've been creating a .ps file and converting it to PDF with Adobe Distiller v10. I've tried selecting landscape in the printer settings but as soon as I change the output to postscript, many setting options become grayed-out, and my previously selected setting doesn't get applied.  I also tried just exporting to PDF from Id, but it doesn't seem to give an option for a page imposition.


      I've been searching for two days for a solution, but so far nothing seems to effect the final PDF layout. Please help!