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    Page Numbering

    brainstewn Level 1

      I'm trying to fix a live cycle form I inherited.  The page numbering at the bottom center just displays Page # of 1, on the first page.  It always show the hash tag not the current, respective, page number. 


      I click on the Master Pages Tab and see that there are 4 text boxes: 1) "Page," 2) "#," 3) "of," and 4) "1."  There are 8 pages total and the last text field is a static number associated with the specific master page.


      To fix this, I deleted the 4 text boxes, went to insert > custom > and selected "Page n of m."


      Went to preview PDF tab but it does not show the respective page numbers but rather blanks "Page   of    "


      Thank you in advance for any help in getting the automatic page numbering working.