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    A nicer playback..? A mask..?

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      I'm deepening my transition from FCP to Premiere... and have a few more questions. I'd be happy if one can help.


      1a - Might seems simple, but: Is there a way to prevent Premiere to relocate the CTI in the middle of the TL when playing back..? It does that from a certain level of zoom in, not if I'm havong a larger overview. I personnally find it very annoying, as the CTI is a focus point for editors. And PP just moves it off. very disturbing visually. At a even more zoomed in level, it let the TL move while keeping the CTI in the middle. Also pretty disturbing. Is there a way to change that?


      1b - And when playing back, if I move the CTI to another location, it doesn't playback on... Is there a way to make it do so...?


      2 - Is there a way to create a (basic) mask on a clip? I didn't find out. I use that often to replace the content of a screen in a clip, allowing me to play with the background layer. FCP had this 4 and 8 point garbage mask. Not soooo powerful, but still doing the job. How about PP? Or do I have to go to AE, which I did for now?



      3 - Further on, just a little remark about the performance... Sorry but if I just speed up a clip (and yes, at 1300%, it can happen) and thereafter add a filter (like third part plugin fxfactory).. woooh, PP isn't there anymore.. I end up exporting the clip and then applyuing the fx (which is then really not flexible, if I later need a adjustment on that one). FCP could handle much more than that, eben on 32bits, sorry... But maybe I have missed something..?







      MPro, 12 cores, 20Gb RAM 1GB GFX card PP 7.0.1



      And no, no, I'm not going to go back to FCP, as I said before; it's just the need for speed and the first quirks that come up. I'm glad for other features PP has, and above all, that it is more stable on MLion, that it can handle many formats etc etc....


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