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    Whphost.js. My TOC, Index, and Search buttons do not function in WebHelp RH9


      I've read posts about this issue but I have not received a satisfactory answer as to why this occurs or how to fix it.


      Note that this problem occurs regardless of the complexity of the project. When the project is first generated (DHTML > Pure HTML is selected), I first receive a script/ActiveX warning....



      After I accept the option to allow Blocked Content, the TOC no longer appears and the Search, Index, and Glossary buttons no longer function.




      When I click the Error icon on the lower left corner of the page, the following appears:



      Note that this error was not encountered in RH 8. My system is Windows 7 and my browsers are IE8 and Mozilla (Firefox ESR 17.0.7).


      I would appreciate any guidance regarding this situation.


      Thank you.