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    Printing to PDF in Fireworks


      I've seen some posts about printing in Fireworks over the years and none of them have been resolved. Here's trying again.


      What is the correct solution for exporting to PDF format from Fireworks and retaining print resolution? I have a document at 300 dpi, 8.5 x 11, with the hope of it printing on a normal sized piece of paper. When I export to PDF, it is about 4 times larger than the 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. When I give people that PDF, they try to print it and get just a small portion of the image that covers the whole piece of paper. The same thing happens when you try to print directly from Fireworks, it's way too large for the print size. Apparently, Fireworks ignores print size dimensions.


      Other than the obvious solution of not using Fireworks when you want to create something for print, what is a good workaround? Surely others have been as dumb as me and tried to use Fireworks for print materials. What workarounds are there? Keep in mind, the solutions I've seen from others - such print at 72 dpi and have it look bad, are not an option. Do I really have to try to bring it into Illustrator or InDesign to print or is there a way to do this in Fireworks, or possibly Acrobat Pro (which I have)? I can force Acrobat Pro to print it at the correct size, but that doesn't help others who I send this to when they go to print it.


      Any advice would be appreciated.