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    How To View Devices - With No Devices?

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      I don't quite understand Adobes thinking here....

      They discontinued Device Central and go with Edge Inspect... Great!


      Well, not really.

      I am a startup web design business... I do not have all kinds of money to go and by several devices just to see how my site will look on each screen resolution and use Edge Inspect


      So, outside of DW's poor, not-correct screen resolution try...

      How do accurately simulate/emulate what a site will look like across many screen resolutions and devices?



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          adrock Adobe Employee

          It's definitely a challenge to test your mobile sites and applications without access to physical devices. There are a couple of approaches you can take:


          Try a mobile simulator like Apache Ripple (free and open source). A simulator like Ripple will use your locally installed browser to try and simulate mobile conditions (screen size, device apis, etc.).http://ripple.incubator.apache.org/


          Install a native emulator for the various mobile OS. You can get the native emulator by installing the various SDKs. For example, the Android Developer Tools for Eclipse include an emaulator that can launch an instance of Android on your desktop. Once you have an emulator running, you can install apps and use the browser to preview your work.


          Use a device subscription service like Browser Stack. These services are great because they give you instant access to a range of desktop and mobile browsers w/o having to buy any devices.



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            Okay Thanks...

            That could work.