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    Problem report with no problem

    Greg Popp Level 2

      I've made an additional discovery about this problem and I've amended my original post below:


      For some unknown reason, after I save my Premiere Pro CC project and "Quit", I get a "Problem Report" that "Adobe Premiere Pro CC has quit unexpectedly."


      This happens only if the sequence is open in the timeline.  The sequence plays fine otherwise.  If the sequence is closed, there's no "quit unexpectedly" message.


      Either way, the project file is saved and fine.  It reopens fine.  But everytime I quit with the sequence open, the same problem report.


      It doesn't seem to be causing any further problems other than unnerving me.


      I restarted holding the option (alt) key on my Mac, but that didn't help.  Any other thoughts?  I can post the error thread if someone knows how to read those.  Thank you.