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    multicam issue - repeating footage?

    Annie GoW

      this issue has cropped with Premiere Pro CC - i have a multicam set-up, and am editing with alternating between my two angles.


      I'm working with raw footage from 2 cameras, the raw footage clips run about 20-30mins each. i've brought the footage into my sequence, synced the audio, nested and began editing with multicam. it's been working fine for hte most part, but occasionally if the program is closed (either saved and closed or it crashes) when i reopen it my multicam sequence repeats the same shot over and over again.


      my MC1 and MC2 views do alternate at the points that i've assigned, but each change makes the footage start from the beginning of the raw clip. the audio is completely unchanged and plays as it should. it feels as if my multicam is confused by the visual edit after the program is closed, so alternating between "clip 1" and "clip 2" means i get repetition of my opening shots for the entire edit.


      any guidance on why this happens, or if i'm doing something wrong with my workflow for this to occur? I have had to restart 3 projects and had finish the edits in one sitting to avoid this from happening.