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    Premiere CS 5.5 won't respond


      I'm having a problem that started when I collected an after effects project to another hard drive. I'm on a mac.

      I just basically duplicated the AE project onto a smaller drive so I could do some work at home.

      After I collected the files, I opened up a Premiere project that was dynamic linked to a lot of sequences in the AE project I just collected.

      The project basically had all the video coming up in the timeline player as "pending."

      Then when I tried to click on any shot in the project the source window would come up with a dark grey screen.

      After making some effort to relink files (even though all the files seem to be linked) premiere eventually just has a stroke and doesn't respond.

      I get the rainbow pinwheel. I have to force quit out of it.

      I open up other premiere pro projects with dynamic links to after effects and the same thing happens.

      I can, however, open up brand new projects and work just fine.

      Also, all the after effects projects are okay.

      Does this sound familiar to ANYONE???? Am I screwed here?