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    QuickTime controls non responsive

    Mike Crisp Level 1
      Heres an interesting one.....

      I have a series of MIAW with a single QT movie in each. I am using director's inbuilt controls to play, pause etc on buttons which work fine.

      In the QT properties I have DTS and the Controls option ticked. In author mode everything is fine... all buttons work, Volume control works, play / pause works and I can control the movie using the slider. Great.......

      Playing through projector the slider moves with the video but I cant click the volume, play/pause or slider - it seems to be blocking any cursor activity (although I have added a full screen option when clicking the video which does work). NOW HERES THE STRANGE BIT...

      For one reason or another I create a "script error. Continue? alert. (not related in any way) If I click ok the controls seem to wake up and become active !!!! If I close the MIAW and reopen we are back to square one with inactive inbuilt Qt controls.

      Is there a way to 'Wake up' my QT movie without a script error ie an alternative to a script error such as update stage/movie/window ????

      Any help appreciated - I am using MX on Vista (going to try it on MX04 on 2000 to see if its Vista playing silly buggers