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    CuePoints Nav and Events Question

    rossimo Level 1
      I have one FLV with cuePoints assigned during encoding. I need the FLV to stop play at a specified cuePoint and jump to a navigation screen set-up in my timeline. Then from that screen in my timeline, the user needs to dictate where the playhead picks up in the FLV according to their selection.

      I would like to do this in AS 2.0, but will go with AS 3.0 if that is the best route.

      Any and all help is much appreciated!-
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          RossRitchey Level 4
          You are looking for a cuePoint event listener.

          When using the FLVPlayback component, a cuePoint event is fired every time the playhead reaches a cuePoint.

          var listener:Object = new Object();

          listener.cuePoint = function(evt:Object){
          //do my actions in here


          As for dictating where the playhead starts up again, there is a seek() function in the video class


          Obviously, myFLVPlayer needs to be swapped with your FLVPlayback instance name, and time is a number that you can change to your variable, or hardcode numbers.
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            rossimo Level 1
            Thank you very much! I will try that out right now.

            Ritchey, I am looking for a sub-contract/freelance Flash Programmer. Is this something you do? If so, lets get in touch. Send me a PM with your contact information.

            EDIT: I was checking on my PMs and noticed that Abobe Forums default set-up has PMs disabled. I have enabled my PMs. If you tried to PM me and it didn't work, try again.

            Going to try your suggestions now. Thanks again and I look forward to getting a PM from you,