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    Photoshop CC: Layer Visibility Selecting

    Dirk van Boxtel Level 1

      Hi there, just a quick feature suggestion, hoping Adobe personnel read this!


      In <CS6, you could click down on the eye-icon in front of a layer, move out of the layer tab group, move up a couple of layers, and then go back in, to deselect that layer too.


      In CC, when you do this, it'll deselect all the layers in between as well.


      I'm sure this is working as intended, but it was a ridiculously useful "bug" (feature!) when it wasn't working this way.


      Use-case: to instantly switch between one set of layers and the other.


      I know there are other options to do this with, but there's just no real reason to "remove this feature" (correct this bug?) because you already *had* the option of deselecting everything you move over in the first place.




      - Dirk

      UI/UX Designer