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    Question on Projector file

      I'm just learing Director so please bear w/ my lack of knowledge. I'm making a projector movie that will be displayed on a kiosk. When the movie is displayed the windows box is also displayed w/ boarder(minimize/maximize/close). I now that you can disable the close box function, but how to I get the movie to be displayed, cented, w/o the boarder and the minimize/maximize/close options. I'm learning scripting so if thats the answer I'll need to be walk through it.
      Thanks for any help
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          If you are using Director MX 2004, the settings that control the title
          bar and its associated icons (minimize, maximize, exit) are in the
          Property Inspector, on the Display Template tab. You usually have to
          click on the stage where there are no sprites in order to see that tab.
          Once you get there, you can check "centered" (to center the
          projector) and uncheck "visible" (to remove the title bar entirely). Or
          leave it visible and uncheck whichever options you want to disable. If
          you remove the Close Box, make sure you include some whay to close the
          app through your interface... put a script like this on your custom
          close button

          on mouseUp me
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            Thank you so much!! You ROCK