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    Projected image resolution


      When projecting a screen image of a PP CS6 image via a projector, the image resolution on the screen is very low. The audience can not read the details shown on the projected image.  The laptop is set to maximum resolution already. The OS I use is Windows 7 Home Premium on a Toshiba 64 k. Is there any Windows setting to increas projected image resolution? Thanks for the help.

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          Andrew_S Level 3

          What resolution is the computer set to?

          What resolutions will the projector handle?

          What's the native resolution of the projector?


          Its possible that the projector only has a native resolution of around 800 x 600 but it will accept higher resolutions and hence downgrade them to be able to display them. Possibly you will have to reduce the resolution on the computer to say around 1024 x 768 but that will have big effect on the layout of Premiere.

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            TommyKovacs Level 1

            The Laptop is set to 1366x768 resolution ie., its maximum. The projector native resolution is 1920x1080 HD and as I am told this is also its native resolution. We use an "upscaler" that sets every incoming image to HD resolution.

            That's all I know.


            Thanks for the quick reply

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              Andrew_S Level 3

              The next thing I would try is a direct lead from the laptop to the projector. I'm assuming that the laptop has a standard 15 way D VGA type of connector and the projector similar. Whenever you have converters involved, that's another possible source of trouble. Maybe your going to tell me that the projector is on the ceiling? Or fed via a very long cable? (Find step ladders) Its simply a question of trying all direct connection options.

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                Jim_Simon Level 8

                The Laptop is set to 1366x768 resolution ie., its maximum.


                Use a Laptop with a native 1920 x 1080 screen.

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                  TommyKovacs Level 1

                  Yes, I connected via VGA connector directly to the projector. The projector is table top and easily adjustable. Unfortunately I can't increase the laptop's resolution.

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                    Jim_Simon Level 8

                    No, you'd have to use a different Laptop.  It's the only way to get better resolution.

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                      Biggles Lamb Level 3



                      You will not get a good image on screen using the VGA connector


                      Over the years I have fed a variety of laptops into a series of projectors and it was only when I had a laptop with a full HD output via HDMI fedding a native full HD projector that the image was of a good enough quality to actually read the text.


                      So go with Jim's advice as I fully agree with him


                      That said if you can get hold of an AV (home cinema) amplifier and connect your laptop through it to the projector then the upscaling of the AV amp MAY be better than the upscaling in the projector itself



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                        bogiesan Level 4

                        What's your movie's resolution and frame rate, interlaced or progressive? Premiere will create and export or render to almost any video format if you ahve the codecs.


                        Let's say your movie is full HD, uncompressed, 1920x1080P. This is unlikely since hard drives and CPUs can choke on uncomrpessed codecs. So your movie was probably transcoded to a more friendly codec. I know nothing about Windows media but on a Macintosh we'd probably use H.264. If it's still in full HD dimensions, your installed video card is simply not capable of playing it back at full resolution. The movie is being scaled down, pixels are being squished and thrown away, to fit on your card's maximum screen size. As your 1080 movie, reduced about 30% to 740 to 760, comes into your upscaler, it's being blown back out to 1080. But the information has been lost. All your upscaler can possible do is make the blobby parts bigger; it cannot replace the pixels that have been lost.


                        Build your movie in a 720 format. Make sure all of your graphics are clearly legible on your editing screen by looking at it from a distance that simulates the screen's environment. Or, better, hook up the projector to your editor to preview the results.


                        Or use a device that is capable of playing full 1080 HD.

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                          TommyKovacs Level 1

                          Thank you all for being so helpful. I am only projecting screen image of my laptop. The purpose is to deliver a presentation to my video club on How to Rescue Imperfect Sound Tracks. (  Audition CS 6).

                          Solution as you have recommended is simple. Since I can't buy a new laptop I will borrow one with HDMI output.

                          PS: We have a professional upscaling box that I haven't tried yet. It my just improve output to make text readable.

                          Thank you all of you.

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                            Jim_Simon Level 8

                            You don't need HDMI to get full resolution.  VGA is perfectly capable of carrying a 1920 x 1080 signal, you just need a Laptop that has a screen with that resolution.