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    modules shared between projects

    Ibarim Level 1


      I got 3 projects:

      1. Project A (air)

      2. Project B (web)

      3. Project C - common, which consists all the common elements from projects A and B.


      So when I start Project A it loads some air stuff and then almost everything else is  taken from Project C as external source path. Simmilar when I start Project B, it starts as web app and then it shows common elements from Project C.

      Problem is that Project C has few modules and Projects A or B  don't see these modules. Modules are not optimized so they can be run by multiple applications.

      When I check the "bin-debug" folder of Project A or B I don't see any modules .swf. But I see the module files .swc in "bin-debug" of Project C.


      tl/dr - project don't see module files when modules are in external source path.


      Did I missed something or is it a bug? And is there a way to include those modules.