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    Large images are condensed in output

    Yehoshua Paul Level 1

      I recently inserted a large image (1979X1045 pixels) into my project. Aspect ratio is maintained.

      When generating the project, rather than have a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the page, the image's height and width is scaled so that it can be viewed entirely on the screen,

      Any idea how I can get robohelp to maintain the image's original size?

      Recently we moved from webhelp to multi-screen HTML5 help. Just out of curiousity, I inserted the image into the old webhelp and generated the project. The image came out fine, and the height and width were maintained.

      Any idea, which setting in my project is responsible for this? I am using the desktop knowledge with homepage layout.

      Scaled image.PNG

      I am attaching a screenshot. Don't know how helpful it is, but the large white area to the left is the TOC pane.

      Yehoshua Paul