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    Missing links in Indesign CS6!


      Good morning!


      Yesterday, my workmate and I did a .indb file in Indesign CS6. That .indb (book) is made of several .indd files (documents).

      So far so good. Then, after it was ready, we linked all images (using the Links panel) to each .indd and then we saved it.


      Today, I've tried to move those documents to my computer.


      However, the Links panel now shows many missing links in the images, according to the image below:


                                       Imagem 001.png


           I can't understand how Indesign CS6 missed links in this case, because we have already linked all images to each document.


           Please, I would like to learn more about this process of linking images to documents in Indesign.

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          Salah Fadlabi Level 5

          Try to Package book before move to other computer.

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            Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            inDesign links documents via a file path.


            It doesn't actually add the image itself to the document, but rather relays a link to the where file resides on the hard drive.


            It then draws a representation of that image in the layout using a proxy thumbnail.


            So when it's linked it is actually looking at a file path, say something like


            If I move that file to a computer where the my documents folder has a different name say "C:\MyDocuments\Eugene\Images\Eugene1.png"



            Then when I open the file on Marcelo's computer the link would still be





            I need to redirect the link to go to







            As stated above you should use




            Zip the folders the computer generates - and then send them to a new computer.


            Unzip and work on the file.


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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Perhaps a more technical explanation is in order...


              Links in ID are "pointers" and they use absolute path references. If the linked file is still in the location referenced it will be used (just like with books) even if you've made a copy elsewhere. If ID cannot find the linked file using the saved path, then, and only then, it starts searching for a file with the same name in the folder where the .indd file is stored, and then any subfolders of that folder.


              Packaging works because all links are copied to a new "links" folder in the same foilder with the packaged copy of the .indd file, and the links in that copy are changed to point to the links folder so they no longer look for th originals. If you move the package folder, the new paths are broken, but ID will find the links folder and all is well. If, on the other hand, you COPY the package folder and open the .indd on a computer that still has access to the original package location, your copied links will be ignored.

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                Kasyan Servetsky Level 5

                BTW, to quickly relink missing links you can use this script or the built-in "Search for missing links" feature.

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                  Marceloxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Level 1

                  Thanks for all your answers!



                  I will start packing my books before sending them to another computer.



                  Those path references seem to be hard to deal with, but your explanations helped me a lot.



                  Thanks again!