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    Find exact edit points in project

    PixelshotWDC2 Level 1

      I have several clips edited into a timeilne which have improper audio channel settings. Since I can't "modify audio channels" from directly within the timeline - a very painful feature ommision (see link below) - I have to go back to each clip, modify the audio channels, then re-edit the clip back to the timeline. Uber-tedious.


      My question: Is there a way to force the source viewer to load in the in/out points of an edit that is already on the timeline? In other words, I want to right click on the clip in the timeline and load it into the source panel WITH the in/out points already selected. Seems like it could or should be possible.


      Please help. Thanks.



      (For more on modifying audio channels in the timeline, see this forum thread:

      http://forums.adobe.com/message/5615817#5615817 )