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    InDesign locking up


      I'm using inDesign on a late 2012 Mac Mini. 2.5ghz i5. 4g Ram. Intel Graphics 4000 512 Ram.


      After running for just a short time it freezes up and I have to hard boot the mac. Nothing else was running. Anyone else have simliar issue and know how to fix?

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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Is it happening on all files, new documents and old ones?


          If it's all documents try



          This is a general fix for InDesign - it might clear out the issue.


          If it's just certain documents




          The other things you can try are

          1. Change the Preferences>Interface and change the Live Screen Drawing to Delayed
          2. Clear object level display in Object>Display Performance and in View>Display Performance set to Typical
          3. Login as a new user to the computer