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    Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Capture not working, capturing as MP3


      I'm using Project Setting of HDV and Sequence Settings of DVCProHD HD1080i 50 (this says it is the preset for Panasonic P2 cameras, mine is Sony as above but I have no other generic HDV settings).


      The video plays through the Capture window fine and looks like it is capturing as .mp3
      When I stop the capture the file does not appear in the Project window as I think it should.


      I've gone to File > Import to bring the file back in. It is there but when I do this there is a File Import Failure message saying "there was an error decompressing audio and video"


      Any help would be great I need to export the video as soon as possible.


      Also, as  I have no generic HDV or Sony preset Sequence Settings if you could tell how to add them/update Premiere that would be great.


      Many thanks.