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    I am facing difficulties activating InDesign CS6 server

    Detlef V.

      I'd like to share with you my frustration about InDesign CS6 Server which tries to do the very same as shown above, but apparenty noone at Adobe did think about the fact that ID Server has NO GUI. So as a customer youre left with an Installation that provides NO means for later offline activation, but provides the very same link at installation, basically guiding you through a process that can not be accomplished with ID Server by any means.

      Moreover, the Installer claims there is a 7-day grace period until you MUST have activated your license but even with entering a valid code the Server wont start from second ONE, stating "Adobe InDesign Server is not properly licensed and will now quit". This sort of misdesign is what makes customers furious! And then they wonder why people use circumvention technologies.