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    InDesign CC Text tool double click switches to select tool


      I have an odd bug, that is unfortunately hard to repeat.


      1. Select Type tool from toolbox

      2. Single click text box to begin typing/formatting and the tool automatically switches back to the Select tool.


      If I double click the text box then I can begin typing in the box—that function works fine. After I've double clicked the box and begun typing I can escape out of the box, go back to the type tool and then single click and it seems to work fine but it is totally inconsistent.


      I'm using the most up to date version of InDesign CC on OS X 10.8.4


      Has anyone else experienced this? I've never had my type tool automatically switch back to the select tool for any reason other than pressing escape out of a text box. I've been using CC for some months now with no problems and this only started up the other day.