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    Existing Photoshop CC user, where is "upgrade" download location?


      I am an existing Photoshop CC user at the $9.99 montly intro price. I see lots of news including direct email to me about upgrading to new Photoshop CC version with "generate" features.


      Trouble is I only find download buttons that say "Download Trial" so, in turn, I'm worried if I used such a labeled button to download that I'd mess up my subscription. In other words, I expect to find some download button that says "Upgrade" for Photoshop CC.


      I'm also wanting to find how to download Lightroom 5 and get it under the umbrella of my $9.99 subscription. It too is a mystery to me as to locating the correct download button to do same.


      While in Photoshop CC, About/Upgrade response is that all is up-to-date; which isn't true, right? It could have been the location to do upgrades but too logical?


      Thanks in advance for reponses.


      P.S. Am I the only person alarmed that monthly charge email recaps and the actual charge descriptions do not include ANY transaction number and/or account number or the like? In other words, I can't call Adobe and identify myself (i.e., prove payment/s) with a uniquely idenfifying number. A working subscription accidently turned into a trial version seems needlessly scary about the steps (e.g., on hold long times) one could encounter should this happen.