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    Changes in Email Notifications


      Original notification heading was "Adobe Forms Central Notifications"

      Then subsequent to 8/28/13 the headings changed to "Forms Central Notifications"

      Then subsequent to 9/6/13 the heading now is the email address of the party completing the form.


      Did we inadvertantly change some setting or was this done by Adobe?

      If the latter, is there some way we can revert to the original notification heading as above.  It is easier for us to group Forms Central related notifications if the headings are the same.

      Thanks for any help.

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          Lucia Lao Employee Moderator


          Yes, currently the email notifications is from Forms Central Notifications.  And this is a changed on Adobe FormsCentral side.

          You could revert to FormsCentral Notification heading (this is, your email notification From:

          FormsCentral Notifications <formscentral-notifications@acrobat.com>)

          • select Options/Email Receipts and disable it (uncheck the "Send a receipt to the submitter on submission)
          • go back to Options/Email Notifications and in the "From:" drop down, click it and select "FormsCentral Notification"

          If you need Email Receipts and also Email Notifications enabled then your Email notifications heading will be from the email address of the party completing the form.


          Also, you could group your emails by email subject, the email subject is <form-name>: Response Received, if grouping by From: heading does not work well for you.