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    Constant message to update Adobe Flash


      I get a message to update adobe flash when I boot ans when I open AOL.  I update, it says complete, then asks to update again.  I delete Flash and it still wants to update.  Says from Micromedia.  How do I get rid of this???

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          Mike M Level 6

          Part of the problem is AOL software. I worked for AOL for two years right before they went from the #1 Internet Access Provider in the world to just a website. You DON'T NEED AOL software for ANYTHING on your computer UNLESS you're still using AOL Dial-Up for your access. If you have cable, UNINSTALL ALL AOL SOFTWARE (from your Control Panel) and in the future, log in to http://www.aol.com (using Internet Explorer or another browser) for EVERYTHING the software does.


          Another part of the problem is that AOL uses an "adapted and embedded" version of Internet Explorer (which you already have installed as part of Windows) as it's browser engine. While IE 9 or 10 is the current version for Windows users, AOL uses the IE8 browser engine, which can cause problems when trying to install the newest plugins.


          You can download the Adobe Flash Player installer for IE directly by right clicking the following link and choosing "Save target as". Save it to your downloads folder or another location where you can locate it.

          Flash Player for ActiveX (Internet Explorer)

          Close AOL and reboot your computer. Once your restart, BEFORE you open any programs, run the installer from where you saved it.