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    Video Rendered by Premiere Pro CS6/Encoder CS6 Horribly Slow/Choppy


      I have been using Premiere Pro CS6 to edit my videos (video-game footage) and wanted to render them using custom settings.


      The footage has a resolution of 2560x1600 and the details of the files are below:










      I created a custom render template in Premiere Pro CS6 using the following settings:




      There are TWO main issues that I'm having.


      1.) The video rendered (took more than 2 hours) and it looks TERRIBLE! It is extremely choppy, pixelated, and distorted for about 90% of the time. I have no idea why it turned out like this when the raw footage (recorded via DxTory) looks flawless @ 2560x1600 @ 30FPS.


      I have a feeling this could do with the Bitrate - 10Mbps. What should the ideal Bitrate setting be for rendering 2560x1600 @ 30FPS? Also, I have no idea why "KeyFrame Distance 90" is checked. Could that be causing the issue?


      2.) The render times are AWFULLY SLOW even though I've selected the GPU-based rendering engine (Mercury Playback) after adding my GPU (GTX-Titan) to the text file. This ~10 minute video took more than TWO hours to render which is terrible for a couple of reasons. I am running 4x GTX-Titan in 4-Way SLI.


      Now, before anyone says "Premiere Pro doesn't support SLI", I went into Nvidia's Control Panel (NVCP) and selected Double Precision and set the CUDA GPUs to "ALL". The really strange thing is that the GTX-Titan has 2688 CUDA cores PER GPU! I have FOUR of them and so the rendering, previews, etc. should be really fast!


      I rendered an intro sequence in After Effects CS6 which is about 12 seconds long and that took over 20 minutes to render @ 1080P!


      Something is definitely off regarding the settings and I really need help in optimizing my system to utilize the GPUs to render faster/better.


      Here are the NVCP settings:




      I really need help with configuring NVCP, Premiere Pro CS6, Media Encoder CS6, and After Effects CS6!