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    No Sound out… test one, two… Sound bars are lighting up but nothing coming out built in audio

    wideEyedPupil Level 1

      For some reason I can't get any sound out of premier pro. I haven't used it many times before but I'm sure I ahd audio when I did.


      I switched from doing compositing in After Effects to PPro because AE was chooking on a simple luma track matte using one video to matte/key another... so I find myself in PPro.


      Is there anything simple I could be missing which would explain why I'm not getting audio out of my Built-in speakers from Premier? iTunes kicking out the jams no probs.\ as was AE



      Strangly every time I start SoundFlowerBed it quits as soon as I leave it. Normally keeps a little flower icon in the menu bar (OS X) to access it and route it's audio bus (SoundFlower itself is a low-letency audio routing system extension) to various outputs.

      With SoundFlowerBed I can access OS X Audio Setup (as opposed to Sound Control panel)