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    Premiere/Media Encoder Crashing/Inconsistent




      I am rendering a 75 minute long feature film timeline. It is a 4kHD timeline with mixed RED and 1080p content.


      At first I was using CS6 but everytime I would render in media encoder it would crash. No matter the preset. I tried clearing the cache and so on but no dice.

      I then updated to CC and after opening and converting the project I sent it to render. It had a new cache location and was still conforming files while rendering but it completed the entire 75 minute timeline in just under 4 hours. Rendering a 1080p h.264 Blu Ray. That was awesome.


      The next time I tried to render the timer kept counting up... starting at 3 hours, and after ~4 hours it was indicating 30 hours remaining. Then it crashed.


      I then cleared my cache again, and unplugged the two RAID drives I use as Cache. This forced Premiere CC to default my cache to the C: drive and it reloaded all the media and conformed audio. I sent it to render and it completed it in just under 4 hours again. awesome.


      So now I have my final version. It is due tomorrow. I have a clean cache again on my C drive. I send it to render and it is 18 minutes in with the timer still climbing up, indicated 19 hours currently. So same as before. I have rebooted, cleaned cache, saved a copy of the project and re-opened and deleted the AME preferences. I have also tried rendering direct out of Premiere (crash after conforming audio)


      So I'm probably going to miss my deadline and beyond frustrated. I know my system can export this in under 4 hours as it has done it before, but maybe 1/20 tries and now it seems I have hit a wall. Super stressed.


      Using Premiere and AE CC. System is a X79 based i73930k. Windows 7. No overclocking or any of that business. Watercooled and temps are fine (65c on CPU). Has a GTX 680 and a GTX 660. C: drive is a 512SSD, also has an internal 8tb RAID 0, 2 external RAID 12tb drives and so on.


      Any ideas?