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    Problem Exporting Indesign Doc to PDF

    asiramv Level 1

      Hi. I'm working on an intereractive book project. I thought I was pretty much done (ha ha) after quite a lot of struggle and now when I send this document out some people can read and interact with it fine and others can't.


      My document was created on InDesign CS6. I used buttons and forms so that people can answer specific questions. I exported to PDF and then in Acrobat I went to Reader Extended PDF to "enable more tools." A colleague on a mac can read, use buttons and write in the form fields. Another person, on a PC, cannot fill anything in on Acrobat pro but seems to be able to do so in the reader. Suggestions??? I'd appreciate any ideas. This project is being made for a public school audience so I need to iron out all the bugs before it hits the road.


      Thanks much,