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    Will the EDL Conform Issues ever end????

    Sausagehead5 Level 1

      Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 4.10.18 PM.png


      The top clip in the screen shot is the clip that is generated when I load the EDL.


      The middle clip is what I get if I go directly to the drive and import the sourcr file.


      Bottom clip is what happens if I relink the file that was at the top.


      WHY! Why do my in and out points instanty change to the media start and end as soon as I relink???? why does the duration change???



      Here is the event from the EDL


      008    AX V C    20:11:06:17 20:11:09:02 01:00:08:01 01:00:10:10 

      * FROM CLIP NAME:  A001_C015_0821KD.MOV



      CS6 Mac