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    A serious error has occurred message

    Willie Frazier Level 1

      Hi guys,


         I did a search and found some older threads on the topic, but the situation and circumstances are different here, so I thought it best to start a discussion.


         Essentially, I took over a project from a co-worker, and it has been very problematic.  5 times in the last 90 minutes, when doing something as mundane as scrubbing in the timeline, I get the crash message, "Sorry, a serious error has occurred that requires Adobe Premiere Ori to shut down.  We will attempt to save your current project."


          This is fairly frustrating as the message is so extremely vague, I can't possibly troubleshoot the cause.  But, let me give you specifics...


          HARDWARE - I am presently running on a 2013 27" iMac. 3.4GHz i7 with 16GB of RAM, and the stock NVIDIA GeForce GTX680MX graphics card.


          SOFTWARE - OSX 10.8.4, Premiere Pro CC 7.0.1 (105)


          PROJECT SETUP - this is a little unusual as it has a very specific delivery, but the sequence is at 540 x 1920, making it tall and thin.  I am missing the Cosmo plugin that the other editor was using, but this should only result in the effect being turned off on any applicable layers, which appears to be the case.  All of the media and assets are on a common SAN, and I started out by saving a new version of the project into my partiion (as we each have write access to only 1 partition), but it is linked with and pointing to all the same footage and assets as the original project.  Other than that, there is nothing atypical about the project.


         So, each time this error has occurred, it has done so when I have moved the playhead in the timeline, either by scrubbing or clicking.  It has not occurred the same place, it seems that it can happen anywhere.  There is nothing else (besides Safari and Text Edit) open, and only 4 video layers (no audio), so the machine nor the software are being pushed at all, but something is definitely amiss... timeline navigation is about as basic as it gets.


         Any help or insight into this would be very appreciated.  Tomorrow, I am going to have the client over my shoulder, and having my program crash constantly is both embarrassing and unproffessional.



           - Will Frazier