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    [09/05/2013] Flash Player 11.8.800.168 'Plus' Release

    Eric.H Adobe Employee

      On September 10th, Adobe will release an update to Flash Player 11.8 "Harrison" (version 11.8.800.168).  Release notes for Flash Player can be found at: http://helpx.adobe.com/en/flash-player/release-note/fp_118_air_38_release_notes.html


      Regarding Adobe Access DRM, the following changes were introduced into this release:



      Fixed Issues:

      1. Protected HTTP Dynamic Streaming (PHDS) playback was made more resilient to crashes.
      2. Chromebook playback was made more resilient to crashes.
      3. Reduced the occurrence of DRMErrorEvent #3338 when using DRM Policies with "USE_IF_AVAILABLE" restriction.
      4. HTTP Status codes are returned as the sub-error-ID of server-related DRMErrorEvents (like 3305/3315).



      New Features:

      1. Ability to specify a shorter timeout for license responses from the server.



      Call to Action:

      1. If you have DRM policies that use "USE-IF-AVAILABLE" for Output Protection restrictions, you should notice a decrease in the incidence of DRMErrorEvent 3338 (Unknown Connector Type) being thrown in your Flash Player clients.
      2. If not already present, enhance your client-side applications to capture Sub-Error-Codes from DRMErrorEvents, as those sub-codes are helpful in diagnosing DRM problems.
      3. If there are any questions/concerns around this release, please feel free to reach out to Adobe via our Support Forums Community:  http://forums.adobe.com/community/adobe_access