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    InDesign CC crashing erratically


      Earlier this summer, when I downloaded InDesignCC and the program kept crashing, our IT support determined that the problem was with a text-related plug-in (LILO.APLN), and just disabled it on my computer. This meant, though, that I could no longer spell-check in InDesign, I lost my hyphen-breaks, and I could no longer automatically package files.


      Apparently, the latest iteration of the InDesignCC (9.1) is supposed to have a patch integrated into itself so that the program doesn't crash when using the type editor.


      So, I downloaded and installed it, and one of the IT guys reenabled LILO.APLN for me.


      Except now, InDesign is back to crashing erratically while I'm making edits to my document text. It doesn't crash right when I open the document, it doesn't crash right when I use the type tool, it doesn't always crash within the same amount of time. But it does crash every time. It's always just a question of a when.


      I'm not convinced this has to do with the issue discussed on other boards about CC crashing (specifically, having to do with fonts) especially since I'm using the version of the program that is supposed to be fixed for this error. Thus, I'm starting a new discussion about the issue.


      Any guidance on how to resolve this would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

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          BDinkar Adobe Employee

          Is this happening with every file that you are working on? or is happening with a particular file? Also on which platform, Win or Mac?


          Could you please provide us the crash log. Thanks.

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            kankakee13 Level 1

            Hi BDinkar,


            Yes, it happens in every file I try to work in. I'm using Windows 7.


            And you'll have to bear with me, I'm not hugely system-savvy about my computer here at work. Is this the text of the crash log? It's the event data information from one of the times InDesign crashed yesterday.












               C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CC\InDesign.exe

               C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CC\Plug-ins\DICTIONARIES\LILO\LILO.APLN



            Thank you for your help!

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              kankakee13 Level 1

              Hi BDinkar,


              if what I've provided above is not sufficient data, could you please advise as to where I could locate a crash log on my windows machine? When InDesign crashes, it only shows me a small window that says the program has stopped working. It does not give me the option to access a crash log.


              I would really appreciate assistance in figuring out what is going on.