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    Table of Content Help - Anchored Objects/Listing Order

    RobCarey Level 1

      For the love of god this is extremely frustrating.   I have been searching for literally hours trying to find the solution.


      I have a large document, linked frames from page 1 through page 44 for example.


      On many pages I have figures, and using an incrementing paragraph style, these figure captions are numbered sequentially.


      When generating a table of contents, any figures that are in the main linked frames are created in the proper order.


      My issue is that on a few pages, I have figures inside anchored objects - basically an anchored text frame with a picture and the figure label text using my paragraph style.


      These anchored objects are not being put in the table of contents in the proper order - they are being added to the end of the toc!  Indesign should be smart enough to add items on the page in the proper order - be it the main frame or an anchored one!


      For example


      Figure 1 - page 1

      Figure 2 - page 1

      Figure 3 - page 2

      Figure 5 - Page 3

      Figure 4 - Page 2 <<< huh?


      Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated.