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    Ant build ran from within FlashBuilder can't delete folder

    Rick.Blacker Level 1

      Hi, we have an ANT script that we run.

      If we run it from the command line, it runs fine.

      If we run it from with FlashBUilder, there is one particular folder that fails to be deleted.

      If we run the same ant script from a different IDE, the ant build runs fine AS LONG AS Flashbuilder is not open ( or at leas does not have the project open )


      Can anyone think anything that would cause Flashbuilder to lock a folder and prevent the ant script from deleting this one paricular folder?  What's really odd, is that there are many other folders that the ant script can delete just fine when ran inside FlashBuilder. 


      Running FlashBuilder 4.6

      Running FlashBuilder in Admin mode

      Windows 7 64 bit.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated as this is a huge time syc having to close FlashBuilder just to run the ant build, then relaunch FB....



      Thanks all