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    I Have 10.000 photos in elements 10



      I still have 10.000 photos in elements 10 organize i still send my photos in there to work on them i have no idear what happend and i am realy pissed off at what Adobe

      has done, does this mean i cant get my photos out and should i not send them in to organize and edit photos in elements 10?

      some of use realy dont know much abouth this stuff and when you have no money we cant pay some one to help us with it so it realy sucks when they do this.

      i dont know what to do now i dont know y my friend said buy this when they just shut it down and my be so much of my life pictures are gone i still see them and i work on them but can i get them out?

      This will kill me if i can so many pictures and my Dad who is gone

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          Pattie F Employee Moderator

          If you use Elements and save photos on your computer, then they are still on your computer. You can continue to edit and save photos as you did.


          What has changed is that photoshop.com used to be an option for cloud storage for users and your Elements 10 program had access to save photos there also.  Photoshop.com sharing and storage has been discontinued. Users who had photos stored there were given the option to have their photos migrated to another sharing and storage site before we closed down the sharing and storage part of photoshop.com.


          Since you do not have an account in Revel using the email you login to the forum with, either you opted out of migration, logged in with a different email, or did not store files at all on Photoshop.com.


          If you upgrade to Elements 11 at the adobe store, then you will have the option to store files from the Elements organizer into Revel for safekeeping.


          Your elements program still edits and saves to your computer as it always did. It will continue to work even without Photoshop.com.