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    Relocating Projects to new pc - project manager

    Troy_w1 Level 1

      Ok, so i have never really had that much success with project manager moving a project successfully. There is always a long list of clips needing relinking and in the past with smaller projects I have just bit the bullet and done it. I have recently built a new rig and want to transfer some larger projects to the new beast for rendering and it is just not working.


      As the usual replies go, got to project manager, collect files and copy to new location , i uncheck exclude unused cause i want everything just in case, rename media files to match (unsure whether this is good or bad, my clips have just got there names from files anyway)


      So when i move the project I get a heap of files that need to be located, a whole bunch of .xmp's that it wants to find and it seems that a bunch of files have been doubled and a few are in place of another file.

      So you know where I'm coming from my footage is all AVCHD ,some from a Pano Ac160 some from Sony Z7's, I put all my footage in a folder hierachy like so



                card 1

                card 2


      Cam 2

               card 1

               card 2


      Cam 3

               card 1

               card 2



      Seeing the move sorta messes this up, could the naming structure of the files ie. 00001 00002 etc be the cause ?


      I'd really love to be able to do what the project manager proposes and just move it all and open the project on the other side with no issues.


      Any help is appreciated.



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          shooternz Level 6

          I would just Copy the Project File to the new computer.


          Transfer the files to the new computer and get linking.


          No way around that ...so hopefully your files are well organised in a logical folder system.


          Generally Linking one of the files in a Folder will find the others residing there.

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            Troy_w1 Level 1

            I was kind of hoping that would not be the answer lol

            Yes my file structure is pretty logical as i layed out above, within those folders is the complete file structure created by the individual cams so i retain all TC and meta. Add in graphics, sound effects, music , after effects renders and dynamicly linked sequences though and it starts to get messy. There is obviously no way around Dlink stuff, thats why i turned to render AE stuff no lossy anim and using the file rather than link (well once i know i won't be changin it anyway).


            But, isn't this was Project Manager is for, exactly this ...

            Does this mean that it just doesn't work properly ?

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              Butch2oc Level 1

              Hi Troy,

              We do alot of tranfering to other boxes and never ever use project manager.

              It does things that you can't see and gives you this unsettled feeling of hoping that all is ok... until...

              We use a folder structure that works for just your situation.

              We have a main folder which is the name of the project and then under that folder we have folders as such:

              "Premiere" - all prem auto saves etc

              "After FX" - within that 2 folders "projects" and "renders"


              "Compression" - fpr approval files and client renders


              etc etc

              When we maintain this folder structure we never have any problems.

              We always copy the top folder any where and relinking on other boxes is never a problem.


              The only issue is if you have used the interpret footage command... this info for some reason is never carrieed across from one project to another system.



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                Jim_Simon Level 8

                I'll add my voice to the chorus of just using a proper file manager (Explorer or Finder)  to manage your files.  It really is the best method.