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    Replace missing fonts with your choice, Photoshop CS6 / CC

    lister110 Level 1

      in photoshop CS6, I have some missing fonts. i would like to replace these with fonts of my choice. I have tried to use the Update missing fonts option, but this seemed to randomly change things, and it was hard to know what changed. How easy or hard is it to replace and view what font you want in its place?






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          Stephen Barrante Level 1

          I realize this is an old post, but maybe it will still help.


          Was looking for the same functionality in Photoshop as in InDesign, where upon selecting "Replace all Missing Fonts", there would be a dialog box allowing me to choose the fonts to replace to. Instead, it just arbitrarily selects "Myriad Pro", regardless.


          My solve, as clunky as it is, worked OK if your whole document uses the same font for everything. E.g. a font across multiple slides of a presentation.


          1. Using the newer filtering options in the Layer menu, select the "Filter for Type layers".
          2. Select all the type layers with the yellow triangle warning.
          3. Go to your Type menu and select the font you want to replace to.
          4. You will be prompted for each layer to confirm the change, get ready to hit "OK" a lot of times.
          5. Click on the "Filter for Type Layers" option again to restore your full menu list.


          Should take care of the issue.


          With that said, this is a feature request that is well overdue!



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            rrrichie Level 1

            Adobe, this is so annoying!  I know which fonts I want to replace my designers' ones with, we just don't have the same pro fonts on our systems, please allow me to choose them instead of doing it manually every time.  The Typekit font choices are inaccurate, Myriad doesn't work for Bodoni.

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              Toon61 Level 1

              This makes it a tedious job.

              Another approach is to 'fool' the Resolve function.

              This worked for me:


              Suppose you have three fonts to replace: Font Regular, Font Bold and Font Italic. You don't have these fonts installed.

              Select a text layer that uses one of these three fonts and replace it with the font you want to use, e.g.

              One text layer with Font Regular becomes MyFont Regular

              One text layer with Font Bold becomes MyFont Bold

              One text layer with Font Italic becomes MyFont Italic.


              Now go to Type->Resolve missing fonts, and you will see that for every missing font you now have the option to change that with one of the fonts you previously replaced.


              I know, it's a workaround and it is not rock-solid especially when multiple fonts are used in one text layer (e.g. Bold and Regular), but it is a start and has saved me a lot of time in the past.

              And I agree, Adobe should make the font resolve in Photoshop much more like the one in InDesign.

              Maybe in CC 2016?.

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