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    Photoshop CC 14.1 Generator PNG issues when importing into indesign

    Rob Carroll



      I am very happy with the new generator feature in PS but I am having a problem when importing the generated .png assets into inDesign.


      The generated .png is not showing with a transparent background in ID even though when I open the file back in PS the transparency exists. When I resave the individual asset through save as web and reimport into ID it fixes the problem and the transparency is there. i have tested to see whether this was just a visualisation issue in ID however an exported PDF does not include the png's trans either.


      Hope this makes sense....


      Is this just a first release bug or am I missing something. It defeats the whole object of the feature if this is what has to be done to apply transparency to the generated assets.


      Apart from that this is a great idea of a feature and if this can be fixed will be a massive boost in productivity for digital asset creation.