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    Checkbox conditional caluculation problem



      I have a problem with checkboxes in a PDF form.

      There are two rows on a form with checkboxes and a text field. Row one contains CB1, CB2 & Text1. Values of CB1 & CB2 are set at 10 and the calculation in Text1 is the sum of CB1 & CB2.

      Row two has the same setup with CB3, CB4 & Text 2. Values of CB2 & CB3 are set at 30 and the calculation in Text2 is the sum of CB3 & CB4.

      My problem is that when CB1 is selected, I need CB3 to be dissabled or hidden and vice versa and when CB2 is selected I need CB4 to be dissabled or hidden and vice versa. The calculation in Text1 should only be the product of CB1 & CB2 or if one has been hidden, only the active checkbox value should be visible in the field. Same for Text2.

      Help please!