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    1120:Access of undefined property data .... (Android Application)

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                          <s:Image source="{'http://static.flickr.com/' + data.server +

                                    '/' + data.id + '_' + data.secret + '_t.jpg'}"

                                    height="100" width="100" />





      That's the code I'm using above.  There's much more to the code which is from a tut.  But I can get it to work in a Desktop Application, but just not a Mobile Flex Application.  Why is "data" having an issue?

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          we came across the same issue in Flex Mobile Project.  In Flex Project we have used DataGrid control as below, which is working fine but the same code for DataGrid is not working in Flex Mobile Project and showing the error: “1120: Access of undefined property data.”  Can you tell us the solution or any other way?

                <s:GridColumn width="100" headerText="Renew" dataField="">                    

          <s:Image x="40" y="0" enabled="false" source="{data.img}"/>
          <s:Button visible="{data.RenewButtonVisible}" x="15" y="0" color="black" id="btnRenew"         accessibilityName="{data.SubscriptionId}" label="Renew"   click="outerDocument.btnRenew_clickHandler(event);"/>