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    handle system api

      can we able to handle system api using flash action script?
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          Greg Dove Level 4
          You can only do this with third party tools that act as 'projector wrappers' turning flash into an 'application'. (Or if its using as3, you can get access to a range of system APIs using Adobe AIR).
          Examples for as2 are swf studio, mdm zinc, jugglor (I think) and Haxe.

          Another way that may be possible... I haven't tried yet is to (in windows) embed a swf activex control in something that does have access. This could be in an application written in another compiled programming language, but perhaps not necessarily. For example, I believe it could be done inside a microsoft office document, and use ExternalInterface to talk to VBA... then use VBA for broader access to the file system etc. But like I said I've not tried that yet.