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    Need to change Photo's pixel aspect ratio for Premiere Pro CS6 sequence.

    MichaelEditor Level 1

      Hi everyone !


      I'm using Premiere Pro CS6. I've just created a new custom Sequence (1:1 square pixels, 720x480) because I need to import a bunch of video clips at 720x480 with square-pixels too. Everything is fine, the videos fit the program monitor window perfectly.


      But when I import my photos (which are also 720x480, resized-cropped by me personally to have this EXACT final size) they DON'T fill up the program monitor window (leaving black borders !!) and when I right-click on their properties I can see their pixel aspect ratio is 0.9091 and NOT 1.0 !!!!


      Can you please suggest a way to prepare my photos so that their pixel aspect ratio is standard square-pixels 1.0 ?? (I'm using a program called ACDSee to batch-process my photos, as there are lots of them). I don't want to change the sequence settings to 0.9091 because then my video-clips won't fit and leave borders !!!


      Many thanks in advance guys !!