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    InDesign Data Merge using password protected PDFs?


      I am trying to print postcards with Data Merge and I've run into a problem. The source files for one of the images are password protected PDFs. They all use the same password, and I do know the password, but InDesign wants me to enter the password every time it processes a record.


      If I'm printing 10,000 postcards, I would have to enter the password 10,000 times to make my merged file!


      Does anyone have any suggestions? Is there a way to enter the password once and, maybe hold down [command + option + control + kitchensink] or whatever, while clicking "OK" to apply that password to all future password dialog boxes? Is there a script I can run that could automatically enter the password?


      The original source PDFs need to keep the password protection, so removing the security en masse isn't an option. Making non-secure copies of all the possible PDFs that could be used seems really unwieldy and would take up a lot of network storage resources, so I really hope there is a more elegant solution out there.


      I'm using CS5 on a Mac and I would LOVE it if anyone has any suggestions at all on how to fix this. Thanks!


      -Cole Hartson