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    Beta 3 - Bug when loading swf-symbols?


      I have a Flash-movie (called myFlashMovie.swf) containing a symbol (called mySymbol_sym) which I´ve linked to Actionscript (link-name: mySymbol) as stated in the documentation.
      When I insert an image-control in Flex Builder 3 and set the source to: "@Embed(source='myFlashMovie.swf', symbol='mySymbol')", the image displays a broken-image icon. However when I build and run the flex-project it looks correct - that is, I can see the symbol.
      If I don't set the source to a symbol in a flash-movie, but only to the flash-movie, then I can see the symbol in design-mode, i.e.: source = "@Embed(source='myFlashMovie.swf')". Why is this?

      Another problem is with buttons. If I create a button and set i.e. the upSkin = "@Embed(source='myFlashMovie.swf', symbol='mySymbol')" I can see the symbol in design-mode as supposed. However if I create another button and set its upSkin-source to a flash-movie (not a specific symbol) both buttons get a strange icon in design-mode. Does this make sense!?

      I'm really confused why this happens and why I haven't been able to find any references to this specific problem on the internet :/

      Please help me.

      Best regards,