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    Stop reloading Movie Clip on frame entry

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      Hello. I have a movie that requires the download from an external source of 25 different swfs. I use a thumbnail button to bring down each swf by going to a frame that then loads the swf into an empty clip. This all works fine. How can I return to the various frames holding the movieclips without a reload each time?

      Many thanks.

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant
          I do this sort of thing by loading the external files shortly after the movie starts instead of when the user gets to a specific frame in the movie.

          Make one layer for each clip to be loaded. Position the target clip off the visible area of the stage. Load in the new movie content. At the frame where you want to show a particular loaded movie, move the target clip to show the loaded movie. Move it again in the next frame.

          If you have a lot of movies to load in, as you do, you probably want to use a loader object to track the loading process. You want to load in each new movie sequentially, not all of them at once.