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    Space bar hand tool not working

    Cozmic photos

      I have just got a Laptop with windows 8, and put my Photoshop CS5 on, so far eveything works appart from the space bar hand tool, which I use a lot.


      Its not working in RAW either.



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          Hello Cozmic photos!


          I was also having this problem but I have found the soloution! It took me a very long time to figure it out but I finally have. I also have windows 8 and I have updated to windows 8.1 . As soon as I did that update I had to "re-install" my touchpad synaptics driver... I thought little of this. It just hit me aobut a week ago why the spacebar hand tool shortcut wasn't working. I have a Acer laptop, 64Bit, 8GB RAM, 750GB HDD, and running Windows 8.1. 


          So, the that the spacebar is not working IS because the driver that is installed for your touchpad or trakpad is disabling some features for use of the spacebar and your finger movemnet on the trackpad at the same time. Sadly, there is no way to fix this problem YET. But, if you use a mouse or a graphics tablet you will be able to get this feature back!


          I hope you understand the problem now. The only way to ix this is by notifying Synaptics about this issue and the next updated driver will have this issue fixed!


          Have a good day!



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            Chris Connel Level 1

            You don't need to update the driver to fix it, the same happened to me on my asus after installing windows 8.1, here's how I fixed it

            Move cursor to bottom right to show power options, control panel etc,

            Go to search type in "settings" (no speech marks) and hit return

            Click "PC settings"

            Click mouse and touchpad (or similar)

            Then in the delay drop down menu select disable or turn off.

            You have to do it this way otherwise the options won't appear (for instance through control panel or smart gesture)




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              You are a total life saver! Thank you haha.

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                Brilliant.  It's always great to have someone nail the answer!  Thanks bud...   

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                  THX SO MUCHHHH!!! THIS IS HELPING ME ALOTTT!! I KEEP SEARCHING AND WONDERING WHY I CANT USED THAT TOOLS... >,< OMG u r truly live saver thx so much Chris