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    Can JS files be created in Dreamweaver (Was: " .js " files...

    IT_Gen Level 1

      SO I am relatively new to web design, but my company wanted me to take over the handling of their website.  I have all the FTP stuff situated and I have even done my first update no problem.


      I did notice that there are quite a lot of .js files, can you create those in Dreamweaver? If not, how does one obtain them... I do not know ONE thing about Javascript.  If you can't create them in Dreamweaver (without coding...), are there other softwares that would be a good idea for me to get?


      Looking for some guidance! Thank you you all have been so helpful to me so far, and thanks for having patience with me!



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          Jon Fritz II Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Yes, they can be created in DW.


          .js files are simply external javascript files.


          To create an external .js file, you copy all of the javascript from between two <script> tags and paste it into a blank document (not including the <script> tags themselves). Then you save it as whateverscript.js


          You then make a link to that file in your <head> section like so...


          <script src="whateverscript.js"></script>

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            IT_Gen Level 1

            I understand that, maybe I didn't phrase my question correctly... or maybe i'm just not understand what you're saying lol-


            Where do you actually GET that code from?


            Or do you mean you can create those Javasripts within Dreamweaver, then save them as separate files.  Then you would link them into your header like you posted?

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              Jon Fritz II Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If you use DW Behaviors and extensions, javascript will automatically be dumped into your page's html by default. You can then move it out to an external .js file if you like.


              Most of the time, if I have an external .js file, it's from a downloaded jquery plugin for things like image galleries, slideshows or other whiz bang effects. They're just premade scripts used to save lots, and lots of time.


              I've also written javascripts within DW and just saved them as external .js files, rather than having them embedded in a page. You generally  do that if multiple pages use the same script, to keep your load time as small as possible by referencing already cached items.

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                Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                JavaScript is not something you can do effectively in Design View.  You need to learn basic JavaScript in order to code with it.



                jQuery's "write less, do more" JavaScript code library is well worth learning to use.

                From slideshows and sliders, to forms & mobile apps,   jQuery plugins are an easy way to add advanced web features (widgets) to your site without a lot of heavy manual coding.


                Primer for using jQuery plugins ~



                Code your own, 30 Days to Learn jQuery ~





                Nancy O.

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