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    Missing Hyperlinks when exporting from IDD CS6 to PDF


      I have the Creactive Cloud for CS6 and Adove XI Pro. Other programms included. However, this issue is making me over work or work more than once into entering the links for Hyperlinks.

        We create an onlin e magazine, which, has 22 hyperlinks. After exported to PDF interactive with the following specs:


      Pages: All

      View: Default

      Layout: Default

      Presentation: No apply

      Page Transition: From Document

      Forms and Media: Include All

      Tagged PDF: None chosen

      Image handling

      Compression: JPEG(Lossy)

      JPEG Quality: High

      Resolution(ppi): 150


      the links do not open as entered in IDD CS6.

      I then have to use the Adobe XI Pro ane reenter each link. Can someone help me?

      When I open the document in Adobe, Instead of an arrow, I get a cross qhen on top of images. I place most hyperlinks in our images. The same happens in reader mode.

      I read this was happening in 2012 but this is 2013 and I get this problem. It was suppossedly resolved with update 8.4 if I'm not mistaken this is what I read. I still experience it and I use Version XI. It is not good since my customers can't enjoy the Interactivity I offer and digital editions can provide.